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Twin Marquis Ramen

Ramen! It’s all the rage. And if somehow you’ve missed out, don’t fret. Twin Marquis, the Brooklyn-based Asian food company launched its Japanese-style, easy to cook Ramen noodle in the summer of 2016. With our fresh noodles and dumpling wrappers flying off the shelves in Asian food retailers across the country, Twin Marquis has officially added fresh Ramen noodles (paired with concentrated soup bases) to the mix. Grab a pack and make yourself some restaurant quality Ramen right at home. The fresh noodle and soup base combo comes in three flavors – Miso, Tonkotsu, and Shoyu, and takes less than two minutes to prepare (video tutorial available). The authentic taste of the soup bases can match the quality you’d get from a restaurant meal. Customizing your own toppings also brings a fun and creative element to the preparation (there are serving suggestions on the back of the packaging). Twin Marquis Japanese Style Ramen noodles are locally manufactured in New York and available in selected Asian supermarkets on the East Coast. It is best suited for the modern lifestyle of our consumers and provides a healthier alternative to eating out.

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