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2017 Twin Marquis Cold Noodle Tasting

Sunday, August 20, 2017, Brooklyn’s Twin Marquis teamed up with food and lifestyle influencers, HaoChiBu and NYchaobao, to treat hungry locals to a day of complimentary tastings and giveaways at the 2017 Twin Marquis Cold Noodle Tasting located at midtown’s Jasmine Chinese Cuisine. Twin Marquis sponsored the entirely free event, all in the name of bringing attention to a darling staple of authentic […]


Factory Painting

After over 10 years operating in (East Wiliamsburg) Brooklyn, TMI has decided to embrace the vibrant food and arts scene culture of the neighborhood. We partnered with Graffiti USA to decorate the front side of our building with our beloved mascot and appetizing art. Gone are the days when passers-by mistake us as an ancient […]


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