1 can Pumpkin Pie Filling
1 pack Dumpling Wrappers
(Twin Marquis Shanghai Wrapper Recommended)
¼ cup of Water
1 tbsp cooking oil
Maple Syrup & Whipped Cream (optional)


-Place one spoonful of pumpkin pie filling
in the center of the wrapper
-Dab water around the edges of the wrapper
to adhere the edges
-Fold the wrapper in a half moon shape
-Pinch the edges to seal the dumpling shape
-Repeat to use all the filling
-Preheat skillet on medium heat
-Place up to 8 dumplings on skillet
-Add ¼ cup of water to skillet
-Cover and let steam 3-4 min until all water evaporates
-Add oil and brown one side
-Serve with maple syrup and whipped cream
(or topping of your choice)

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