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Chef/Owner of Baoburg

Suchanan Aksornnan, also known as Chef BaoBao, was raised in Chiang Rai, the northernmost province in Thailand. When she was 15, BaoBao and her mother moved to New York. She was then formally trained at the International Culinary Center and L’ecole in NYC. Chef BaoBao continued her career at upscale restaurants and working as a personal chef for many celebrities and royalty. In 2013, Chef BaoBao opened her fusion restaurant, Baoburg.

Tian Zhu
Tian Zhu

Food Show Host


Food has always been special to Tian Zhu. She believes that food provides an undeniable and lasting connection to one’s life. A good dish is a culmination of experiences. Its ingredients are origin, life experience, perspective, memories, and emotions. People can express themselves and speak to others through food.Tian continues to learn about herself and others through creating and tasting food. As a proud Chinese and Wuhanese, Tian feels lucky to be working and promoting Asian food culture.

Thumbnail: EP1. Progress
EP1. Progress

Some like the veggies, some like the meat. Esther Choi whips up 2 different Mandu (dumplings), one vegan and one pork, while talking about the future of Asian Cuisine.

Premieres Aug. 21st!

Thumbnail: EP2. Family
EP2. Family

From picky eaters to kitchen memories, Wilson Tang talks family. While making Stir-Fry Udon with Lap cheong (chinese sausage), the Yum Chat team will open up about life at home and growing up.

Thumbnail: EP4. Quality
EP4. Quality

Chef Hooni Kim pan-fries some Hong Kong-style noodles and veggies while expressing his love for local and organic cooking.

Thumbnail: EP5. Time
EP5. Time

Chef Lien Lin arranges a sweet and savory dessert of chocolate and blue cheese, while sharing time-saving tips with the Yum Chat team.


What is Yum Chat

Yum Chat is a 5 part documentary series streaming exclusively on Twin Marquis’ Facebook and YouTube channels. 5 New York City Asian American chefs come together over one dish. They trade kitchen secrets, tell their stories, teach each other, and eat good food. They’ll share recipes like restaurant-worthy pan fried dumplings and homemade noodle dishes for the kids. Share the tables of Esther Choi of mŏkbar, Wilson Tang of Nom Wah, Bao Bao of Baoburg, Hooni Kim of Hanjan, and Lien Lin of Bricolage as they explore Asian cooking Yum Chat style.

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